Thumbnails view size affects InfoTip preview image size?

Recently noticed such behavior.

InfoTip preview image size changes, if user uses/-ed Thumbnails view, and lowered Thumbnail size.
In above sample : it was 256px, and later changed to 128px.

So in result, later in details view hovering over image InfoTip will have smaller preview image.

This is intended behavior?

When writing this topic, similar topic - Info Tip Thumbnail's Size where it seems like user also wanted to have static preview size in infotip, which isn't affected by thumbnail view thumbnail size changes.

Yes, it is intended.

You can override it in the info-tip definition if you want different sizes there.

I, figured, it, out. ME SMART.
Thanks Leo.

Me not so smart, still help necessary.
When using {thumbnail:0:XXX} with different values, fancy black border of preview image is gone.
Any option to get that border back ? (Reverting to default - restores it)

Nah, forget about it. After playing around with higher resolution images in InfoTips, came to conclusion I like default better.

That :0: is what removes the frame. See the manual for other possibilities.