Just got Dopus and I'm loving this windows explorer alternative. However, I'm coming across a problem that I can't seem to figure out. I usually like to view all my files as "list view" except for video and image files, which I like to display them as thumbnails. In windows explorer, it is able to remember those settings. With Dopus, if I set it to list view, it displays ALL my files in a list. Is there a way where I can change the settings so it displays only the image/video files as thumbnails, and the rest of the files and folders as a list?

Any help/suggestions would be great...thanks!

Do you mean you want certain folders -- or any/all folders that contain mostly certain filetypes -- to be shown using thumbnails mode while other folders are shown using list mode?

You can do that using Folder Formats and either Path Formats (if you want to explicitly set the formats of certain folders) or Content-Type Formats (if you want the format to change automatically based on the types of files in each folder). See the Folder Format guides for more information:

[ul][li]Folder Formats: Quick Guide[/li]
[li]Folder Formats: Special Folders (Computer, Network, etc.)[/li]
[li]Folder Formats: Detailed Guide[/li][/ul]