Toggle Details+Thumbnail button

The Details+Thumbnail button in DOpus 11.5 looks like it's a toggle button, and it's associated with this code:

Set VIEW=Details
Set COLUMNSADD=thumbnail(0,96)

which to me looks like it is supposed to be able to toggle the additional thumbnail column on and off (even though I can't say I really understand the syntax of that last line). However, this does not work for me: If I click it in standard details mode, the button is shown in an on-mode, and the thumbnail column appears. I would like to be able to click it again to have the thumbnail column disappear, but clicking the button again does nothing for me. It stays toggled on, and the thumbnail column remains. Am I missing something here?

If I switch to some other view (say, list), and then back to details, the thumbnail column remains. The only way for me to remove it is via directly removing it in the file display.

It isn't meant to be a toggle button (and isn't).

The @toggle line is there so the button only appears pushed in when the file display is in details mode and has the thumbnail column.

Also, if you look at the Details button on the left of that button, you'll find the code for switching to Details and turning off the thumbnail column:

Set VIEW=Details

Ah, I see. Is there a way to combine these into a single toggle button? Click once->Details, click again->Details+Thumbnails, click again Details, etc. ?

Try this:

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=thumbnail(0,96)
Set VIEW=Details

Awesome, thanks!

Hi there,
i'm as well interested in a toggle button to switch between detail and thumbnail view and tried Leo's code:

@ifset:VIEW=Details Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=thumbnail(0,96) @ifset:else Set COLUMNSREMOVE=thumbnail Set VIEW=Details

But nothing happens on my side when starting the command.
Any idea?


The forum messed up the code in those old posts. I've edited them to fix it.

Thank you Leo. Works and i've changed it to VIEW.

Set VIEW=Thumbnails
Set VIEW=Details

Is there a way to hide the image toolbar when switching to Thumbnails with this toggle?

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there, but if it's switching between Details and Thumbnails modes (not Details+Thumbnails mode which is something else) then there's a much easier way:

Set VIEW=Details,Thumbnails

Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars

Thanks Leo - That was easy. Directory Opus is so damn powerful!!