Tools > Find Files not finding things in WebDAV drive

Hello Community,

I mounted a network drive in Windows Explorer on drive letter Z using WebDAV.

Dopus is showing the files, but when I search for files on the drive or in one of its folders, no files are found:

Am I doing something wrong?

Try clicking Reset at the bottom left, then set the Name Matching field to * and click Find. Are the results still blank?

Yes, unfortunately:

Thanks for trying that.

Is the Find Results side being filtered? Try selecting that side of the lister, and then use the Show Everything command.

Set SHOWEVERYTHING=Toggle if you don't have it in your toolbars/menus.

Still finds nothing -- this time I tried to search in another folder :thinking:

Ok, I found something now. Dopus finds nothing as soon as I search in a subfolder of drive Z. If I search in the root folder Z, it finds everything. Maybe this is a problem on the part of the cloud service provider Hidrive?

Otoh, Windows Explorer does find things also in sub folders:

It's possible, but hard to say for sure. Opus won't do anything different whether in the root or lower down, and things should work as long as the drive/filesystem respond to the standard APIs as appropriate.

A Process Monitor log of what happens when no results are returned might shed some light on it:

Filenames starting with ~ and containing .tmp may complicate things, as they tend to be temp-files involved with Office doing "safe saves" and are treated specially in some places. But not all of the names are like that, so that detail may not be important.

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Thank you for the analysis -- I think I'll stick with searching from the root of the drive for the time being.

Maybe a reboot will fix things already, let's see.