Toshiba Bluetooth Stack crashing context menus

Fed up with Version 12 and its corrupted right click problem. I want to go back to Vers 11. I need key and license for that version. As usual Dopus does not provide access to past anything. Please don't blame external problems because every other file manager works

Version 12 keys work in version 11, so you can use your existing key.


  • If there was a general problem with v12 "corrupting right clicks", not caused by third party software, don't you think we would have hundreds of threads about it? :slight_smile:

  • Have you tried the troubleshooting steps in the FAQs?

  • Turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) then reboot and see if the problem goes away. if it does, that confirms it really is caused by external software.

  • Whether it is a bug in Opus or something else, you can usually send us crash dumps which can be used to investigate further. We can often use those to either fix the problem in Opus or tell you which third party tool is causing the problem.

What is a "corrupted right click problem" anyway? You've never posted about anything to do with a right click problem from what I can see. Can you provide more details?

My comments served their purpose, so I'm removing them.

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Gotcha. Now to daunting task of finding which external software is at fault.

I do not want to get into flame wars here. Please refrain from criticizing if you have nothing helpful to say.

Thanks for your help. I had a look at the WER and it was the aToshiba Bluetooth Stack dll file. tosbtshell.dll. It has gone and so has the right click problem


Searching for tosbtshell.dll, there are reports of it crashing Explorer as well, though none I found were more recent than 2010.

Maybe there's newer version of the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack that fixes the bug.