Tray Menu overhauled - some icon settings ignored

I have tweaked the tray menu because the default one did not make sense to me, and i am quite happy with it. But a couple things to note.

  1. It appears the checkbox to not show an icon for Add to Favorites, and Edit Favorites is ignored. Although i have since removed the 'Add to' button, because it doesn't actually make sense to do from the tray. But it seems like a bug to me.

  2. The Drives list icons are showing the small windows icons instead of using the properly sized internal icon set, so that makes them look a bit off. Which is also the reason the first thing was an issue for me. Same for the Recent list.

  3. Is there really no way to save, share or backup the context menus (separately) like you can with toolbars?

  4. I wanted to ask how to make all of them open in a new tab in case there is already an active lister, but adding NEWTAB to every button appears to work for all of them. Highly recommended in case anyone wants to reproduce this for themselves.

Directory Opus 13.2 Build 8805 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19045 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Right around the corner:


Awesome, that's good to know. So it basically works the same already under the hood. I wonder why it isn't in the GUI then, or did i overlook it?

Cannot create a new one, and export is greyed out in the menu. Can only edit the existing.

You can’t create new context menus because there are only a fixed set of them for specific things. Any extra menus you created would never appear anywhere.

Sure but there are also lots of toolbars that aren't used, or activated dynamically. Why limit things for tray menu's? It's a good way to simply save and organize variations for personal use. Or you could even activate different versions depending on certain variables, for example. Lots of reasons?

Plus of course the sharing with others and import without overwriting anything.

Because you can turn on as many toolbars as you want, which you can’t do with context menus.

Sharing menus is still possible via the files, but not something we want to encourage for entire menus.

It’s better to share the individual buttons/sub-menus you make than the entire menu, and you can do that via drag & drop or the clipboard while in Customize mode, the same as with toolbars.

Well, not sure i agree with that.

But what about the first question. Seems like a bug to me?

And the second thing, there's probably a solution to that in the forum. But it's a bit funny that it shows a nice Drive icon but then doesn't use it.

Not being able to turn icons off:

  • It's likely you've set the menu to force icons on for everything on it, in the Customize dialog. The "image state" drop-down for a toolbar or context menu overrides the settings of individual items (unless it's set to "Default", which is how it comes out of the box).

Icon sizes:

  • That's just how big the different types of icons are. We can't make the system icons larger, and a drive could have any icon in the world so we can't just swap it for an internal icon.

    You can use a smaller version of the internal icons if you want them to match the system icons on a given toolbar or menu.


Cool. You're right it was set to ON. All good now. However i don't think that was me, and indeed when i factory reset the menu it is set to ON again.

Icon sizes:
Anything could have any icon in the world. I was just logically expecting the one shown. So the other way around would be optimal. Drive icons matching the internal ones.

It was basically one question, but you guys when straight for the bonus follow up.

You're right. Looking at the code, that was done on purpose, but I'm not actually sure why. Maybe something that mattered in the past.

I've changed it for the next beta, as it shouldn't make much difference either way, and not having overrides on makes more sense if they have no effect anyway.