Tree view of favorites; command line actions

I would like to have a tree view of my favorite folders always showing as a toolbar so I can single click to get to any favorite folder. Since dopus doesn't support this, I am wondering if it is possible to use a command line switch to invoke dopus and get it to show the folder I want and I will make my own "external" toolbar. I see the dopus shortcut has /autolister as a command line parameter but there's no description of this anywhere in the help or any other command line options. Also, I don't want a new instance of dopus to come up, I want an existing instance to switch to the folder I want.

Thanks for any help.

Opus does support it. Put the Favorites command (or a variation of it) on a toolbar.

That's not even close to what I asked for.

Yes it is, you just haven't understood the answer.

Oh. Then could you explain exactly which favorites command is being referred to and how it gives me an always visible tree view of my favorites that I can single click to go to the folder I want?

Has anyone used "direct folders" with Dopus?
[url]Direct Folders]

It looks like it might do what I want but I don't want to install it just yet as I have another dialog extender installed.

You'll have to explain what you want, and what's wrong with the suggestion, in more detail if you want a better suggestion. Just saying my answer is rubbish does not help me give you a better answer.

Evidently they have as you just linked to a thread about people using it with Opus...

Most of my question was about using command line switches which you didn't answer at all.

You said to put the "Favorites" command on a toolbar. When I use "customize" of a toolbar, I see no "Favorites" command. I see variations of favorites, none of which give me a tree view of my favorites, let alone an always visible tree view of them.

I assumed you only wanted to know about the command-line switches as a last resort, if there wasn't a better/built-in way to do what you want.

Also, as explained in this FAQ, it's best to tackle one question at a time (especially if the second question may be irrelevant depending on the answer to the first) to avoid threads becoming interwoven and hard to follow.

The Customize -> Buttons list has pre-made buttons you can put on your toolbar, but you can also create (or modify) buttons which do different things by editing them, which allows you to pass arguments which change what they do. (Each button has a script inside of it, effectively.)

The Toolbar Editing tutorial is a good way to quickly learn the basics of button editing.

To see what the Favorites command can do, open the Opus manual (F1) and then go (near the end) to Opus Raw Commands / Favorites.

I'm not sure if the Favorites command will do what you want as I'm still not sure exactly what you want. It won't literally put a tree control on a toolbar, but you can have it list your favorites on the toolbar, either with pop-up menus for the sub-levels or as a flattened list (by inserting multiple commands to list each level).

What I wanted was a tool-window that shows a tree view of favorites like UltraExplorer has so I can go to the folders I use most with a single click and using the tree view, I can easily select which parts of the tree are always visible according to the things I'm currently doing. The favorites command on the toolbar is useful so that'll do for now but it's not quite as good as a tree view. Nice toolbar tutorial. Thanks!