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Triple Drive Buttons guide

I have been trying to follow this guide: Triple Drive Buttons

and wanted a button menu to give the same result as when you click on 'Desktop' at the top of the folder tree, using the command 'go c:\users\username\desktop' does not give the same result, nor do any of the other desktop folders under c:\users.
Is there any way of getting a button to display the full desktop folder, including the library folders etc. ?

Use Go /desktop

Thanks, I seemed to have a problem with 'Go /desktop' but found 'Go desktop' worked, do commands like that work for direct access to other win 7 folders, like 'go network' or something.

/desktop is a built-in alias. You can find a list of them in the preferences window.

If you look in the Customize - Commands window, or the default Go menu, you will also find a bunch of buttons for going to the common folders.

Thanks again, though I think I might have found another, I just tried 'go myusername' and it worked. I think I can close the folder tree now!
I have got the user manual and the gtk opus files but wondered if there is anything that gives a basic overview of all the different ways of using Opus as it's quite a long job going back through all the forum posts.