Trying to move files causes crash and shuts down DOpus

Using the "move" command or dragging and dropping causes program to crash. Says it's notifying Windows of the problem and then closes program. Very disappointed as this is my first use of this expensive software.

Is a crash dump created? Please send us any if they exist:

Crashes like that are usually caused by a bad shell extension (or video codec sometimes, if you are copying video files and the lister or showing thumbnails or columns which cause them to be inspected) that something has installed, possibly when it inspects a half-copied file and doesn't cope properly with the unexpected end of data.

Whether the crash is coming from Opus itself or a 3rd party component, the crash dumps should let us tell you where things are going wrong, and we can work out what to do from there.

I'd be glad to send the crash dump but can't locate them. The description starts to tell me the location but stops just before giving the location.

I’m not sure why the URL Leo posted doesn’t work, but try this one: