Trying to replicate Cris' 10 XP icons

Referring to this thread:

Hi Cris.
I wasn't sure if I should revive such an old post by replying to it; so I'm posting here.

Comment and Question..
Firstly, thanks for posting these! I really like them. I've been using the 32x32 as my main set. I wanted to make a couple column-edit icons to supplement the set. I'll post them if I ever get them right.

They look great in my vector editor, DrawPlusX8.

They don't really survive getting converted to a 32x32 raster image though. (below, the red arrow is pointing to mine, the others are yours)


I know you made them a pretty long time ago, but would you be willing to share what tools you used?

From memory Cris just uses Photoshop. I think all his icons are raster images to begin with.

Thanks Jon. I suspect you're right. If I open one of his PNG files in Photoshop if appears immediately editable. Same with the GIMP. I suppose any raster image kind of program would work. The above-mentioned vector editor, DrawPlusX8, has a sister program: PhotoPlusX8, which also seems like it would work. I should mention that, DrawPlus and PhotoPlus are both abandonware now--so I don't recommend them to anyone.

Hi, Glad you still like those icons! I used Photoshop for the bits and parts (raster images) and I combined them in Axialis Iconworkshop to create the icons. I didn't scale them up or down using Photoshop or Iconworkshop. To get really crisp icons you have to manually edit them in Iconworkshop (for each size) :slight_smile:


Hmm... Good to know. Thanks for the feedback. Now I'm curious why you use Iconworkshop for the final drawing. Is it just because it is more user-friendly than Photoshop? Or are are there steps that cannot be done unless you use Axialis Iconworkshop?

I have the newer version of IcoFX as well as RealWorld Icon Editor. I haven't used Axialis, but the screenshots look similar to IcoFX.

So it sounds like you have to pretty much start from scratch when you make a new size... You must spend quite a few hours on each set(?)

They are all handcrafted :slight_smile: Yes, it is a lot of work. I use Iconworkshop because it is more user-friendly.