Directory Opus 10 XP Icons v4.0 - 750 New Icons + XL version

by Cris van Minnen

Preview Opus 10 XP (48x48) (click image if reduced on your screen):

Click for Preview Opus 10 XP (32x32) (click image if reduced on your screen):

Click for Preview Opus 10 XP (22x22) (click image if reduced on your screen):

An alternative version of my default Opus 10 Toolbar icons in the Windows XP style!
This is a drop-in replacement for all 250 standard large and small icons (32x32 and 22x22).

Your toolbars will automatically use the icons after installing them:

  • To install the set, download the zip file below and extract the .dis file from inside it.
  • Go to Preferences > Toolbars > Icons, click the Import button and choose the .dis file.
  • Move it to the top of the list, so it takes priority over the other icon-sets you have installed.
  • Opus 9 users: go to Settings > Preferences > Display > Toolbars > set Image highlighting effect to None

Update: V4.0: 250 Extra Large Icons (48x48) added

Download Small and Large icons: (277 KB)
Download Extra Large icons: (262 KB)

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Thanks, great work!
They are looking much better than the default ones! :slight_smile:

Nice, now downloaded!

Beautiful icons, Chris.

I'm adding a blog post about them now for people who don't visit the forum.

Hmmm... neither set looked that great with my Olive themed Opus set to large icons... but now that I'm rebuilding all my toolbars after the default v10 layout and switching them all to small icons, they both look great and I'm not sure which one I like better :slight_smile:. Great stuff Cris...

I'll PM you tonight about which icons I had been using from the beta's in order to build a couple of my specialty icons... (select checked, etc).

Thanks, great stuff.
installed it and using it from now on.

i am on windows xp :wink:

DO9 and DO8 had 20x20 sized icons which saved space in horizontal toolbars with many buttons. 22x22 is now the minimal size of the icons in "Default Icon Set (Cris van Minnen)" and "Directory Opus 10 XP (Cris van Minnen)"
[broken imageshack link]

Things have grown. :smiling_imp:

Feel free to use the Opus 9 set. :slight_smile:

(And/or adjust the toolbar padding settings to compensate.)

You must be using a lot of buttons. For example, I am using screen resolution 1680 x 1050
and I can have 64 (!) small buttons (22x22) on a horizontal toolbar. :smiley: When using the Opus 9
icons I can have 5 more icons on the horizontal toolbar. But as Leo wrote, you could

  • adjust the Button Spacing: Settings > Preferences > Toolbars > Appearance > Horizontal Button Spacing
  • use some 'Three buttons' or 'Menu Buttons' to combine functions
  • use the Opus 9 icons
  • or buy a larger monitor to use my icons :laughing:

Thanks a lot, using them now. Good to have back the icons I'm most familar with.

Acceptable way, thanks leo and Cris. When i begin to run out of toolbar space, i will consider switching to Dopus9 icons. i cant buy a larger monitor only because i bought Dopus10, that'd be hilarious lol :stuck_out_tongue:
i've set all spacings to "1" already (since it wouldnt let me decrement to "0").

'so :open_mouth: easy to switch from one primary icon set to the other. LOVELY!

Update: V4.0:

250 Extra Large Icons (48x48) added!!


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