Turn off autosize for filename column

I searched on autosize but couldn't find anything since 2009.
I have lots of files with long names (eg 150 characters) and I nearly always want to choose one by sorting by date. It's tricky to reorganise the dismay as that pane immediately gets very long headers -- out of view.
What would help would be a) turning off this autosizing, b) a button I could press to organise the selected folder by date, scroll past any folder-names and make the top entry the latest filename.


From the main window, Folder > Folder Options and then:

  • On the Display tab, make sure Auto-size all columns in Details and Power mode is off.
  • On the Columns tab, make sure none of the individual columns are set to Auto width.

Alternatively, leave them on Auto and set a Max width so they can shrink but never grow too far. Or use Auto combined with Collapse/Expand so they can grow without pushing other needed columns off the side of the window. (There's a tutorial video which goes into that in more detail if you need it.)

Once it's set up how you want, click Save and then the option to make it the default. (More detailed instructions.)

(Note for people from the future: We'll be moving the auto-size checkbox into the Columns tab soon, so it's all in one place. And also renaming "Folder Options" to "Folder Format", so there aren't two names for the same thing.)

Set SORTBY=modified
Select LAST TYPE=files MAKEVISIBLE=immediate 
Select FIRST TYPE=files MAKEVISIBLE=immediate 

(How to use buttons and scripts from this forum)

Perfect! Thanks!