Two quick Q's please

Two quick Q's please

  1. How do i lock the folder view so that my column settings are retained, ie the width of each column in view and NOT reverting to the default to display LONG folder names

  2. How to i give winrar back it's popup functions on archives, i disabled prefs "enable internal support" but the archives still display in panel and not allow winrar popup


  1. Folder Formats: Quick Guide

  2. Which archive format(s) are we talking about? And are we talking about WinRAR's right-click context menu items, or about what happens when you double-click the archives, or click on them in the tree, or something else?

Hi I have winrar handling ALL my archives......

How do i make it so the folders save my folder alignments as i change the widths?

cannot edit posts?

On the archives, why does the prefs setting do nothing?

You need to tell Opus to save the new widths after changing them. In Opus 12 (currently available as a public beta) you can create a button or hotkey directly on the toolbar to do this with one click. With Opus 11, it needs to be done via the Folder Options dialog (just open it, then click save; no need to edit anything inside of it).

[quote]Hi I have winrar handling ALL my archives.....
On the archives, why does the prefs setting do nothing?[/quote]
I am still not sure what you are trying to do. Are we talking about double-clicking on archives, right-clicking them, or something else?

See the FAQs: Why can't I edit my posts? (also Ask one question per thread just above that one :slight_smile:).