UI Borderless: disable TitleBar and ResizeBorders

I find the default window control elements completely useless (see more on that below) and would like to have an option within Directory Opus to launch in a fully borderless mode by disabling these two window styles:

  1. WS_Caption (0x00C00000) (window title bar)
  2. WS_SizeBox (0x00040000) (window resize borders)

I'm currently able to do this via AutoHotkey, but it's not as pretty since I can only apply the styles after a Lister launches, so I still see the titlebar on startup, and also the window jiggles slighly as I have to resize it to offset the size differences
Therefore I'd prefer this to be implemented natively where the initial Lister would already be launched without a title bar and without the window resize borders
Thank you!

A few details on the better alternatives to the default Window controls:

  • resize: instead of trying to precision-target the e.g. little right window border to make the window wider I just WinRMB in the general right area (~30+%) of the window and then move my mouse left/right to change the window's width (via AltDrag)
  • move: WinLMB+using a mouse
  • minimize/maximize: use mouse gestures, e.g. RMB to maximize (via StrokesPlus)
  • close: any convenient keyboard shortcut, e.g. CtrlQ

As a result, I consider the default min/max/close buttons in the title bar as well as the title bar itself to be a waste of space. Also, moving a mouse pointer over the window borders changes its icon, which is a useless signal

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I use AHK to achieve this as well, the borderless look that is.
Its dirty and clanky I wish Opus supported it natively.

Also an option to hide the scroll bars would really be nice as well.
I have my own means of scrolling both horizontal and vertical.

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I've requested these options a long time ago :frowning:

  • Hide scroll bar unless you start scrolling: in case you have a huge list you might want to start scrolling with a wheel and then grab the scroll bar to continue faster. That's rarely useful (never used it in a file browser, but sometimes use it in a console with long command text output), but still
  • Hide scroll bar completely

But yeah, I also almost never use them, mouse wheel (with shift for horizontal scrolling) FTW!

Scrollbars aren't only there to click on. They tell you if anything is out of view (and how much is out of view). I click on them very rarely, but look at them a lot.

Hiding scrollbars seems like a tiny-screen phone thing which has moved into desktop computing.


Of course, so let those who need the scrollbars have it by default. and if you need to bury an option behind 20 steps, fine, but consider it please.

I know what I am dealing with on every Opus window and if by chance I dont I can just flick my wheel or the specialised scrolling hardware that I own.

you've got to accomadate as many of us as you can.

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Yeah, that's fine, though I don't need that information most of the time, but anyway, that's the reason my proposal is
a) optional :slight_smile:
b) has an alternative when any scrolling behavior (where that kind of information is more valuable vs. a static view) would show the scroll bar

as though this cross-pollination of ideas is a bad thing!

Phones have absolutely ruined desktop computing in the last 10 years.


:cold_face: Not from I am standing from fam.
Its been beautified and will continue to be beautifed

No more bill, ballmer and other boomers.

I though it was mostly those resource-hogging Electron apps :frowning:
But yeah, I don't want to say anything more general than what I said re. this specific feature: (not sure where it came from, but let's assume it was from the phones) it is something I like a lot as it hides needless information from me when I don't need it