Up Arrow command (Help duplicating VIM Key bindings)

I've recently started using the VIM text editor and the Vimium Chrome browser extension and am amazed at how fast everything is when my fingers don't have to keep reaching for the mouse, or even leave the home row. Since I use Directory Opus a huge amount, being able to replicate some basic VIM keyboard shortcuts would be awesome.

I've got stuck at the beginning: navigating up and down the file list using 'j' for 'down' and 'k' for 'up', instead of having to reach over to the up and down arrows on the keyboard. In Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys > Command Editor > Function, I am not sure what to enter.

Select NEXT and Select PREV.

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Thank you for amazingly fast support.

You've helped me find the right part of the documentation: Reference > Command Reference > Internal Commands.

My next challenge is to manipulate tabs via custom keyboard shortcuts, but I cannot find this in the command reference. When I right click on a tab, there are various options available via the menu. Am I able to make shortcuts for these? For example, duplicate tab, duplicate tabs on the other side, close tab?

Most of those things are done through the Go command. Look for the TAB* arguments and you should find all/most of what you need. Shout if anything is still missing.

That's amazing. Thank you so much, Leo.

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