'User Default' view for every tab/new tab/from favourites whatever

hi all.
i thought i had this beat but it seems i don't. have set this as what i thought was a global default


but if i open a new tab or change to one from my favourites it reverts back to something like this


rather than this


i want the second view to be for everything in this lister unless i change the view manually (for thumbnails for example). i have saved it to this lister but i'm obviously missing something and it is cramping my workflow. any advice would be appreciated. no doubt it's obvious but it isn't clicking with me.

Have you already done everything here?

2022-02-21 21-18-11 Clipboard Image

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thanks you @Leo
i had seen the first step in that thread in one of your videos a couple of weeks ago but couldn't for the life of me find it again (my bad...i should have given the video another watch).
appreciate your help as always. there will be a little less grrr in my workdays now.