Using TeraCopy with Dopus 12

I've been using TeraCopy for years with Dopus and love it. Upgrade to version 12 removed my TeraCopy "Move To" and "Copy" buttons. Whereas in the past upgrades preserved them. I've searched the program itself and here and haven't found the solution.

I found it in customize toolbars. The "toolbar" needed to be checked.

See: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade

Yes, I read that. I wanted to try the new toolbars before reverting. I didn't see how to do it the first time I looked and I needed to transfer large files that Windows usually chokes on.

I used to use the Tera Copy plugin too. But then I saw we can increase our copy cache natively in dopus so I stopped. Is there really a benefit to Teracopy anymore?

I've never compared TeraCopy to the built in functions of Dopus. I do know that using Windows without Dopus to transfer large files, like 35gb Blu-Ray to my server, chokes sometimes. And when it does, it leaves a mess that is difficult to decipher and time consuming to clean up. I don't know if Dopus allows skipping a problem file instead of stopping altogether, reports errors, allows testing space before and is generally speedy. Testing space before is least important to me, I can look myself, but I guess it's nice to know it won't just fill up a drive if you're not paying attention.