V12.31 Go Up Button Is Inconsistent

I have a large number of directories in either lister. I navigate to child directories under a parent that are two below the parent. When I then press the Go Up button two times, I am sometimes seeing the issue I am now reporting:

Directory Opus will sometimes not return to the parent directory in the lister. It will occasionally return to the top of the list of all directories. This makes it difficult to resume my work, because I then have to scroll back down through the list of directories.

Does it only do that with certain (types of) folders?

Or only if you click really fast, before the intermediate folder has loaded?

I am currently experiencing this issue with listers showing folders containing audio files (MP3, M4A and FLAC files specifically). Sometimes the lister on the left has the issue and sometimes the lister on the right does. I do not recall ever facing this issue with Directory Opus before, so this is the first time seeing it. I do not know if it is specific to audio files only or all files. Also, no -- I am not clicking fast at all.

Is it a USB drive, network drive, inside an archive, FTP, library, collection or anything else exotic?

Are any script add-ins installed?

The right lister is my NAS and the left is my local drive. I just added a script to perform a comparison from here. However, I am not using the script all the time and only occasionally. It looks like a script you created:

I just got a new vehicle, and it does not support M4A audio at all. I must convert over 10,000 FLAC files to MP3. I have a backup of all M4A files on my NAS. My task is to compare *.FLAC or *.MP3 against *.M4A. If any FLAC or MP3 files exist that do not exist in the M4A folder, I delete them. This is to be copied to a USB thumb flash drive for my vehicle.

Which one is the problem happening on?

I just added a script to perform a comparison from here.

That’s just a button, not a script add-in, so we can rule that out.

Assuming it’s the NAS side going wrong, does the problem still happen with the folder tree turned off? My guess is the NAS is doing something that makes Opus think the folders no longer exist, causing it to go up another level.

Both sides experience this issue.

Does it happen with the folder tree closed?

What's the command on the button you're pushing? Go UP BACK USEQUALKEYS is what it would run by default.

It just happened while I was working on this task. This was my local drive that is the lister on the left:


If you look at this screenshot notice the path location at the top. Directory Opus navigated to the top of the folder list, but in light gray it shows where I was and it should be currently. Meaning it should be at the Lukhash folder and not at the top of the directory list.

I have not changed any button commands, so the default command should be running now.

If nothing has changed and it started happening out of the blue, maybe the mouse button has started double-clicking? They often do that as they get old (sometimes not very old at all, too).

If it happens a lot, you might notice it start to double-click things when you just wanted to select them as well.