V13.1: Folder tree automatically expands over night

Here's a picture of the folder tree as it is expected and I leave the PC in this state:

If I go back to DOpus the next day, all subfolders are automatically expanded:

If I close DOpus and open it again it's working as expected again. The next day all subfolders are expanded again.

In your second image there's a line extending off to the bottom of the image, which would be leading to another selected folder that's open in another tab. Whatever that folder is, something is presumably opening it automatically.

DOpus is installed on three computers. It's the same on all three. There are some tabs and the desired setting is as follows:

It is working as expected. But the next day ALL folders in the folder tree expand AS IF the following setting would be active:

All folders for all tabs are fully populated.

If I restart DOpus it's workind again as expected. The folders only expand to the current folder of each tab that I activate.

The next day all folders are fully populated again.

I switched from DOpus 12 to 13. On 12 it was allways working as expected.

F5 triggers the population, too. Pressing F5 in one of the tabs leads to population of some of the other tabs (not all), too.

Some folders can't be opened without population:
There are just two tabs "D:" open:

Double clicking on "D:\Downloads" will populate the whole drive D:

Collapsing of the folder tree does not work as long "Downloads" is open in one tab. D: will stay populated. If you go up one level to D: it's possible to collapse the folder tree.

Alternatively it's possible to restart the lister. It would look like this:

All other population settings are off:

If you collapse the branch you're in, it would navigate you up to the parent level (unless the tree lock is on, at least).

You've also go "automatically expand to current folder" on, which will cause D:\ to be expanded if you're in D:\Downloads and refresh or change folders or tabs.

D:\ is semi-expanded in that situation, due to "Don't populate contents, only show current folder" being on. But if something causes it to fully expand, the rest of the contents of D:\ will be shown under it. That's normal.

That's the problem: What is this "something"? It should not fully expand. In DOpus 12 this never happened.

Sorry for bringing this up again. Is there any chance that this bug will get fixed?
I really love the new features of DOpus 13 but it's really annoying to have to restart DOpus after hitting F5 or if something else causes the expansion of the folder tree.

Have you tried turning this off?

If I turn this off then it looks like this:

But it should look like this:

Because the folder that is opened in the folder is D:\temp\delete

As I said in my reply a week ago:

Where is that going to? That would be the clue.

The old image was taken with many open tabs.

The newer ones were taken with just few or even just one tab.

Here's an example with one tab.
After restart:

After hitting F5:

Unless you have a cat I'm not sure hitting F5 is a fair test for what happens "automatically overnight" :smiley:

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I don't have a cat :slight_smile:

But it should not happen for F5, either. It should never expand all folders if that's the setting:

Are you able to reproduce the F5 behavior? It did not ever happen with DOpus 12.

I do see this behavior as well where the folder tree starts expanding magically. In addition, it doesn't collapse when we click the collapse icon (Collapse all folders other than the current hierarchy).

I have seen it happening while active use in a random fashion and hence can't pinpoint what is triggering it.

What looks like is that something is putting files in a folder on your tree. One solution exit directory opus if that doesn't help then restart windows without directory opus starting at start up if that doesn't help. Uninstall and reinstall directory opus. It looks like something is automatically set to move something to a folder. It could be an automatic delete of files. Resetting the settings in Directory Opus might solve the issue, best way to do that is a fresh unistal and reinstall, with only using standard settings if it still occurs then its most likely not directory opus doing this.

I have restarted Windows various times. This DOpus setting shouldn't react to folder events outside DOpus. BTW, I'm pretty sure nothing else is moving any files. The standard settings don't have the folder tree configured as mentioned in the original post.