Version information in installer

Today, I received a notice telling me that there was a newer version of DOpus than the one (9.5.3) I've been using on my Windows 7 netbook (32 bit). I've been ignoring similar notices, but today I decided to update. I clicked on the link in the notice that was to take me to the DOpus site from which I could download the new version. Everything was normal, and I downloaded the 16.3 MB file with no problem. However, when it was in my downloads directory, I put my mouse cursor over it, and it told me it was from Macrovision Corporation and was file version I tried googling macrovision corporation, just in case it was the parent company or a subsidiary of GPSoftware, but I could find no indication that that was the case. I found a macrovision corporation in Santa Clara,California, but that seemed unlikely. I then did a search of the forum's messages, but it too turned up very little. My question, obviously, is whether this is a legitimate file or whether something is terribly wrong on the GPSoftware site. I did scan the download with my anti-virus program, and it came up clean, but I'm still a bit concerned. Does anyone have information about this?

Thanks in advance.

That's normal with installers made using Installshield. The information is about the installer itself not what it installs.

Check the digital signature tab if you want to verify the installer:

FAQ: How to check for a corrupted installer or main program

Thanks VERY much, Leo. That's exactly what I needed to know!