Very minor cosmetic issue: taskbar icon in DO9

Just wanted to identify a very minor cosmetic issue with newly upgraded DO9 (from most recent version of DO8). When you have 2 DO9 windows open (ie a Lister and the preferences window, etc), the taskbar icon still shows an 8 instead of a 9. This happens at least with XP SP2 and when the icons stack.

Could you post a screenshot of this?

I have almost the same issue--I have Opus configured to open on startup to a saved lister. Most of the time the tray icon appears as the old icon, but as I open and close listers it sometime changes to 9 and back. Opening on startup makes two startup entries in my registry:

E:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe
"E:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /dblclk

dopusrt.exe (ver shows the old icon on my system so I thought that might be the issue.

Hi nudel,

I've attached the image to this post. I've circled the DO9 taskbar icon, showing an 8 instead of a 9. Note, this is with the WinXP taskbar setting of "Group similar taskbar buttons" checked.

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I think this must be an issue with Windows icon caching, as the old Opus 8 icon is not physically in the .exe any more. Maybe try rebooting, or clearing your icon cache using TweakUI ?

I've trying deleting iconcache.dat and rebooting with no success. This is obviously not a big deal considering the all the work that had to go into version 9. Amazing job.

It's gotta be something odd with your system - it doesn't happen here. Once the windows are grouped I get a new Opus 9 icon.

Must be an icon caching issue as dopusrt.exe only has the icons shown below inside of it.

Just to confirm that rebuilding icons via TweakUI has fixed the taskbar display of the DOpus 9 icon (WinXP SP2).

Thanks for the suggestion!


I had the same problem, but used Microsofts TweakUI utility to reset the Icon cache and now all is well.

Actually Nudel is correct and I wasn't clear--I'm not getting the "8" icon, I flip back and forth between the "non-versioned" icon and the "9" icon. As the screenshot shows dopusrt has the non-versioned icon.

Ah, that is perfectly normal and due to the way the taskbar picks icons when it groups windows into a single button.

That main dopus.exe icon is the one with the number 9 in it. Opus windows don't use that icon, though; they use a different icon which doesn't have the 9.

When you have enough windows that the taskbar decides to group them into a single button the taskbar uses the main icon of the program and ignores the icons of the individual windows. This might seem weird when all the windows have the same icon but if you think about it that isn't always the case and the taskbar doesn't have any way to know which icon to use so it always uses the main program icon for the group.

In my case, I'm not talking about taskbar groups, I'm referring to the taskbar icon by the clock (system tray). I normally only have the same dual list layout open, but I open it multiple times or open and close it routinely. That's when the icon flips between "non-versioned" and version 9. But it may be for the same reasons you indicated.

That is also normal and intentional. It's just an animation that plays every so often where the 9 fades in and out. (Opus 8 faded an 8 in and out.) Doesn't really mean/indicate anything.

Jon calls it "Opus is winking at you" Personally, I think it's watching me as I concoct my next set of User Command hurdles for it to jump through, but that is just my conspiracy theory. :wink: