Very small icons and fonts how do I enlarge?

I've searched a lot for this but I haven't found it, the font size of the settings screen, the add and delete icons for search and the treeList icon for directories on the left side I can't increase I am finding it too small.
My windows is 10 64 bits with 150% scala

See the attached image for a better understanding.


Assuming you're using Opus 12, you most likely have Windows configured with DPI compatibility settings on for Opus. They should all be turned off, which will allow Opus to scale the fonts and icons appropriately.

(You may need to reset some of your font sizes in Preferences after doing this, if they were set larger than normal to compensate for this.)

See Windows Compatibility Settings / Wrong DPI / Installer misdetects OS for how to check the compatibility/dpi settings.

I think she means that there are no settings to change the size of the Glyphs in the folder tree, the font size of the preference pages and of the tool panel like this:

The tree glyphs scale automatically, and in the OP's screenshots they look very small compared to the DPI being used for the rest of the desktop.

That's usually caused by the DPI compatibility settings being turned on when they shouldn't be. (Often left-over from an old version of Opus, before high DPI support was added.)

Everything was unchecked so I did tests scoring but it didn't solve

I did tests Activating the Program DPI

then High DPI Adjustment Replacement
Test the 3 options
Advanced System.

Note: each option above I opened the windows task manager and closed "dopus.exe"

As nothing resolved I unmarked everything again.

My windows settings are
140% Scala
DirOpus 12.21

You cannot normally select 140% in the Windows DPI scaling options:

Have you adjusted the font/text size in Windows instead?

If you adjust the font/text size, it doesn't change as much as if you adjust the main DPI setting. (The main DPI setting adjusts the size of text, as well as icons and various other things, and should be the only setting you need to change.)

Have you adjusted the font/text size in Windows instead?


Now I put in 150 the scale as you mentioned instead of 140
but nothing has changed

The interesting thing is that the Main Menu and the sources of folders and files are in a good size.

Look ?

It looks like it has changed. If you compare your first and last screenshots, the glyphs in the folder tree are now larger:

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yes it changed but little
for me I have eye problems and wearing glasses is still very small, these 3 things could be bigger:

Settings fonts and Customizations could be the same as in the Main Menu.

And those icons that represent the folds of the directories could also be bigger

and the search buttons that are very small.


Increasing the DPI setting more will increase the sizes of everything, not just in Opus but in all programs which use the standard icon (etc.) sizes.

See with 150% it's already too big for other applications I use like LibreOffice etc ...
I can't increase it any more.

From what I realized with a scale of 150, only DirOpus has some small things that would be interesting to increase:

  • Settings and Customizations
  • Directory folding icon
  • Buttons to add and remove search filters
  • Search options
  • File Copying and File Compression screens.

I realize that all these screens should have a larger font pattern, I believe that this could be thought of in a future version of DirOpus, that would be very good for people like me with difficulty in vision.

I went back to 140% scala


Things like the folder icons should be the same size in File Explorer and every program's File > Open / Save dialog (when all are in a like-for-like mode, e.g. Details mode). Are you seeing those smaller in Opus than in other software? Could you show a screenshot of that? Maybe there's something else still influencing things that I haven't thought of.

See these comparison images to better understand where I compare DirOpus settings
with Windows folder options, Internet Explorer options and NotePad ++ settings


The checkboxes are actually exactly the same size. The only difference is the controls in Opus have a type of anti-aliasing applied which makes them look smaller.

It looks like Opus isn't running at the native resolution there, since all the fonts (and everything else) are blurry from being scaled after they were rendered at another DPI.

That shouldn't happen if all the DPI compatibility settings are off and you've rebooted since changing the system DPI. (If you haven't rebooted, please try that.)

Unless, that is, you have two monitors which aren't both set to the same scaling factor.

Hello good day.

Yes I restarted windows when I changed the scale.

For me the fonts of the other applications are bigger than DirOpus, little difference, but bigger may be another font type that other applications use.

I saw what opus can increase and change the fonts of many things
but not in what I mentioned in this topic, consider also increasing the fonts in the future version of DirOpus.


Hello good day.
Some news about it.
As I mentioned above it would be very good if Opus had the option to increase the font size of these settings and increase the treelist icon, see that currently already has an option to increase the font of several things it would just extend this functionality to what still don't have the option.

There is something wrong with the DPI configuration of your system, or DPI related compatibility settings applied to Opus. You should try to fix them as they could affect other software as well.

When things are working correctly, the fonts will not be blurry like in your screenshots (unless you're using two monitors at different DPIs, not just high DPI).

Rebooting after changing system DPI is important, but it may also be compatibility settings applied to dopus.exe via the Properties dialog. Remember that Opus doesn't normally restart unless you explicitly exit it, via File > Exit Directory Opus.

Yes I know that to apply the effects I need to close the opus that is running in the background by the task manager and this I did every time I changed it.

Now a question even though Opus is the options like:

  • Settings and customizations
  • Directory folding icon
  • Buttons to add and remove search filters
  • Search options
  • Copy and file compression Files.

like windows for me this is still small all the programs i have I change the font size settings because even with windows scala 140% I consider small and putting something to 145%, 150% is very bad.
In this way I have come to ask for a new functionality for you to make a future version of DirOpus as well as the possibility to increase the fonts of several things you could extend this feature to those things that I mentioned above.

I say in this settings screen to have the options for changes to what I mentioned above

Don't kill Opus via Task Manager; you can corrupt your Opus configuration if you do that. Use File > Exit Directory Opus to cleanly exit the program when needed.

Most programs do not let you change their individual font sizes at all, including most of Windows itself. If the font sizes at the DPI setting you're using are so small they are unreadable, that must be affecting almost all other software as well, surely? (Other than the "Metro" UIs, like the Windows 10 Settings windows, that use huge fonts designed for touch-screens, of course.)

We may make all the Opus dialog fonts configurable one day but if you're finding them too small then it must be the same for a lot of other things, as it's a system-wide setting.