View .RW2 Panasonic RAW

I have jp2raw.dll installed but it seems not to deal with Panasonic LX3 RAW files which carry the file extension .RW2. I gathered from the documentation that it would.

I have followed the config advice and so on but the images do not show up in either thumbnail or image form.

Can anyone help here? I have example .RW2 files available if it is any help.

The camera makers seem to be wilfully confusing everyone with all their RAW formats. Since the information is in essence RAW from the sensors I'd have thought RAW files would have adhered to a standard by now.

A new version of the Raw plugin is on the way which will add support for a bunch more cameras (and x64).

I wanted to have it done by not but got tangled up in other work. Shouldn't be too much longer, though.

Thank you Leo. I wait with interest and gratitude.

Let me know if you need a sample RW2 file.

Any change in this? Photoshop have sorted it out, it'd be nice to view them in DoPus!

It's being worked on as we speak :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on this thread as I'll probably be putting up a very early version of the new Raw plugin in the next few hours, unless I stumble on some last minute problem.

The first version will be missing a lot of features but will give people something to test and provide feedback on, and should be better than nothing for those that can't use the old plugin at all.

Edit: I've posted the preview version into the other thread.

I've installed this plugin and all appears ok except that the rw2 Panasonic LX3 files are not read, either as thumbnails or in the viewer.

Any thoughts?

I grabbed some LX3 test files and found the problem. Thanks for reporting it.

It'll be fixed in the version which comes with Opus (or whatever the next update is called). The version of the code I'm working on now is tied to some unreleased changes in Opus itself so I can't easily create a version that works with

Thanks Leo.

Just downloaded and installed V9.1.3.0 and there is the Panasonic RAW format .rw2 working like a charm.

Thank you, Leo, much appreciated.

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