View thumbnail and save folder format

Hi, I'm a newbie here. I try make dopus behave like explorer. I set all my drive (C: D: E: etc) to view in details format and I want to create view thumbnail + save folder format (not save for all sub-folders) in a single button. And I want to create another button for clear folder format ( for this folder only). How could I do that? I hope somebody can help me, thanks.

To save the current settings for the current folder (but not sub-folders), without showing any additional dialogs:


Or, if you also want to update/replace the formats stored within Layouts, Tab Groups, etc. for the same path:

Set SAVEFORMAT=folder,replace

I don't think there is currently a way to delete a folder's format entirely via a command (only via the UI), but you could achieve something similar by resetting it to the default and then saving that as the new format for that folder:

Set FORMAT=!default

However, you'd end up accumulating a lot of unnecessary formats that way. We can add a way to delete formats via commands if you need that.

The commands above can all be combined with commands to turn thumbnails on and off, of course:

Set VIEW=thumbnails

(Edit: Actually, the last command doesn't work, but we'll provide a way to do this in the next version. See below.)

Thanks for your reply, Leo. Personally I don't want set format to default and save folder format, as I said in the first post, I already set my drive C: D: E: F: etc to view in details, what I need is command to clear folder format (For This Folder). I wish there is other way to clear folder format, rather than open folder format dialog anytime I want to delete/ clear folder format.

In the next version, we'll make it so you can do this via the following commands.

  • Switch to thumbnails mode, and save it for the current folder:

    Set VIEW=thumbnails SAVEFORMAT=folder
  • Delete the current folder's format, and re-evaluate the current folder based on the remaining formats:

    Set SAVEFORMAT=folder,clear
    Set FORMAT=!folder

(It's important to do the first one as a single, combined line, and the second one as two separate lines. Otherwise things happen in the wrong order.)

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Thanks Leo for your support, I will wait to the next release.

Beta 12.18.3 is out now and has this addition.

Thank you John for the confirmation, I'll try it now.

All of these commands work perfectly in Dopus 12.18.3 Beta. Now I can set view details and thumbnail in Dopus behave like in explorer. Many thanks for this update.