Viewer Pane is slow loading media

Is there a way to decrease the load times for the viewer pane? It's very slow at loading the preview ... up to as 1-2 seconds it feels ...It prevents you fromo quickly looking through files when wanting or needing a preview

What kind of files? Some involve third party viewers.

How fast do they load in File Explorer’s viewer pane?

Mp4 and png mostly.... high bitrate / file size normally.. I use MPV because itrs worked best for me as in viewability... is there a way to override the default player/viewer and implement your own?

See Alternative movie playback plugins at the top of HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus for a potential quick fix for MP4 files.

PNG images should not be any slower than any other viewer.

I have tried the guide but I can't seem to get it to work with any media player other than WMP.

Is there any examples we can use to try and replicate to see if this actually works? Or is it just "theory"?

The Opus 12 video player should work with the right codecs installed, although it’s been a while since I personally tried it. The codecs used to come with Windows but unfortunately no longer do, as Microsoft switched which API they use in their own apps and only include codecs for those now.

If you’re interested in the Opus 13 public beta, that has a new video player which is easier to get working as it uses the newer APIs and codecs. (The release highlights link to the codecs if needed, near the top of here. Same ones the default Win10 and Win11 video player uses.)