Viewer pane .mov from iphone audio but no video

All(?) my .mov videos shot from an iphone show in the viewer pane as black, with audio playing. I have the Movie plugin checked and near the top. I also have Windows Media Player 12 installed and updated. The file plays properly in VLC, but in WMP12 indeed it has audio but no video. I see that the title bar of the viewer pane shows the file name then "(Windows Media Player)". Tried uninstalling and reinstalling WMP without change.

MS's info says that WMP12 should have native support for .mov files (File types supported by Windows Media Player). Do I have some corruption, does WMP indeed need 3rd party codecs to play modern .mov files (and which would you recommend, K-lite?), or can I have dopus use VLC instead of WMP in the viewer pane?


Some MOV files (generally older ones) may need codecs that aren't built into Windows. Newer MOV files shouldn't as they're essentially the same as MP4 files, but it depends on the codecs involved. MOV is just a container which can be used to store pretty much any type of data.

Which codec to install depends on the files themselves, but we aren't really experts about that here.

VLC can't be used in the viewer pane, at least not currently.

The iPhone movie files might have been recorded in HEVC. You can find suitable codecs in the Microsoft store: