Viewer Pane Word and Excel


We recently upgraded to the latest version of directory opus and the viewer pane opens documents very fast apart from word or excel documents.

Is there anyway we can speed this up? Is there an addon for opus or an update for Office 2007 that increases this speed?



Do you see the same from Windows Explorer's viewer pane? Opus and Explorer should use the same viewers for Word documents, unless those viewers are broken, in which case you may find Explorer shows nothing and Opus shows things but via a legacy, slower route.

No it shows the document fine on explorer as you can see below.

Let's continue in your other thread -- Word 2016 viewer pane issue -- as I think I can see something in the screenshot there.

01/Feb/2018: To help people who find this thread via searching, I am copying in a reply from the other thread, as it also touches on the issue this thread is about:

Lots of good news, with the following changes coming in the next update (12.7.2 beta and then 12.8):

  • Added a workaround for the issue above where newer versions of Word (with all the extra animations) sometimes chopped the top of the document off after opening the viewer.

  • Viewer speed when moving from one Office document to another (and similar actions) is now much faster and should match the viewer in File Explorer again. (I'm not sure exactly when the Office viewers started requiring this extra step to make them faster, but you should find the speed much better now.)

  • Fixed an issue where the viewer pane sometimes displayed an icon instead of opening documents which were already open in one of the Office apps.