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Viewing .msg files

After searching through the posts on the website, I have been unable to find a solution to an issue we are having with Opus. We were recently set up with Microsoft Exchange. Since then, when we click on a saved email within Opus, it takes about 10-20 seconds for it to appear in the viewer. It used to be instantly. Do you know why this would occur? Do you have any suggestions that may resolve this issue? It's certainly slowing down our productivity as we use the viewer frequently.

From some discussion outside of the forum, we worked out that the .MSG viewer was also slow within Windows Explorer, meaning the problem is in the viewer or something it talks to or interacts with and not Opus.

While it's not an Opus-specific issue, if anyone has any ideas on what might help, please post them here for veryolijo and anyone else who runs into the same problem.

Something that might work is using an alternative viewer. QuickView Plus says it supports .MSG files so it might be worth a try. (We have a forum thread on using QVP with Opus.) But there may also be compatibility reasons that mean you'd rather use the official Microsoft viewer, or the same problem may affect both viewers, depending on what's causing the delay. (e.g. It might be a server-side issue.) QVP is not free either, of course.

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Just stumbled on this thread and therefore was going to link it to over there: