Viewing WordPerfect Office Files

I have been using DOPUS with XP then Vista 32x and now Windows 7 64x. Until now, I could view WordPerfect Office files (WPD, QPW, DB) quite nicely when I setup Multiview to access the Stellant filters from X1. I cannot seem to make this work any more. I have also tried QuickView 11 with similar failure.
I have read most of the threads on this forum regarding this problem and have not found a solution. Some people say that it works for them, others are still frustrated.
Is it possible to install DOPUS as a 32 bit application on a Win7 64x system? If the viewer problem is related to 64 bit compatibilities, then this may be a possible solution.

I still have a copy of ExplorerPlus which I have installed on my 64 bit system and it works with some problems. What it does do well is view my WordPerfect Office files.

64 bit applications can not load 32-bit DLLs, so the 64-bit Opus would require 64-bit Stellent filters (which do not seem to exist) in order to use the Multiview plugin.
However the QuickView Plus 11 preview handler works fine with 64-bit Opus via the ActiveX plugin - see Quick View Plus

I had tried using the QVP trial version to see if it was worth buying. It did not work. After reading the thread you provided, I decided to spring for the paid version and after installation, it integrated seamlessly into DO.
All is well now.
Thanks again.