Vmware - shared ms office for mac apps - dopus viewer

By means of vmware fusion, I am using windows 7 (64 bit) virtual machine on a macbook pro. I use directory opus as my preferred file manager in windows.

In windows 7 virtual machine, I am using mirrored "documents" folder, which reproduces the mac "documents" folder in the "my documents" folder in windows, which I view in dopus.

The only ms office apps on the computer are office for mac 2011 (I dont want to duplicate ms office on the windows side). In order to open, for example, a .pptx file, from the dopus lister, I had to associate the pptx file with mac powerpoint app, and to do this you have to "share" the "applications" folder on the mac side with the virtual machine (it took me awhile to figure out how to do this).

After getting through all of this, I note that the viewer in dopus does not preview the files as they would appear in the app - all that is displayed in the viewer is 0 and 1 and what looks like ASCI format. For me, the dopus viewer is very important - it is how I quickly look through files without opening them.

Can someone provide assistance as to how to get the viewer to preview properly under these circumstances? I have a feeling the fact that the ms office apps do not reside on the windows virtual machine (and/or they are mac apps) has something to do with it but I am not sure.

Also, the windows explorer preview pane behaves the same as the dopus viewer.

To view Office files within a program running on the Windows side, you will need to install a viewer for Office files on the Windows side. Neither the operating system nor any of the file managers has built-in support for viewing Office files, so it has to come from an extra component, whether we're talking about Windows Explorer, Opus, or anything else.

As far as I am aware, your options are to install either MS Office or QuickViewPlus on the Windows side. The viewers provided by those two options are different, so it you choose QuickViewPlus, be sure to try it out first to see if it displays things as you require.

(In theory, OpenOffice/LibreOffice also installs a viewer, but its viewer has not worked properly in anything for years so it's probably not worth the time to try it.)