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VS Dark Theme


If you reset the Preferences pages (which only takes a few seconds), you could then save your own Plain Theme via the Themes dialog for easier reverting of themes in the future.

One reason we no longer have an actual official Plain theme is that the defaults are different for different versions of Windows (as well as different Opus versions, and different Windows themes). We could have a special "reset" flag as part of the themes system, but that does not exist now and would not work in any current Opus version, and it would really just do the same as resetting the four Preferences pages. (Or three Preferences pages, since few people use Sounds these days.)


This could work for me. Thanks @Leo
And your explanation made a lot of sense now.


Thank you for a quality skin! All well and good, but there is a caveat which I uncomfortable. The screenshot in the header of the theme can be seen that the allocation of the Temp folder, the background turns blue. As a result, the folder color and the color of the text in the folder name - both blue, though different shades. Besides, on a dark gray background, selected folder is not enough stands out relative to other folders. I work in 4K (at this high resolution folders are small in size) and do a lot of operations with folders (allocate a group of folders, copy them, etc.) and when you have hundreds of folders to look for the right file names and size and to allocate them for later copy or move, you begin to strain eyes trying to see my desired folder.

Prompt please who knows where in the settings you can change:

  1. the color of the text in the folder name
  2. the background color of the folder when released

And the same for files:

  1. the color of the text in the file name
  2. the background color of the file in the allocation


Most colors are under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

For dark themes, you may also wish to turn off Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (overrides selection colors) so that the Windows visual style is not used to draw selection boxes, and you get full control over the background color of selected files.


I asked this question here because changing the color settings I did not get the result. But after disable option "Use visual style to draw items (overrides selection colors)" everything turned out (although this has changed and the location of these folders)! Thank you!


plz can anyone tell me how to change file display toolbar color like the screen shot below? & how to change the color auto for selected for dual view lister


For #1
Settings > Preferences > Display > Colors & Fonts > Other Colors > File dislay border - Destination
Settings > Preferences > Display > Colors & Fonts > Other Colors > File dislay border - Source

For #2, don't get what you mean. I don't think that you can have different themes for different listers.



This screen is very dark and not very legible. Where can I change this?



It uses the same colors that the file display uses, so you can preview what the labels look like.

Colors are set under:

  • Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts
  • Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels


I think the main issue is the group header text colour "Label Filters", not the label colour, which can be changed using the dropdown on the right hand side. Obviously if you configure a dark label on a dark background, you won't be able to see it.




We use a system ListView control there and unfortunately it doesn't offer a way to change the group header color.


Help me please) How to make such a fill?



These two options, if you want the graphs and normal columns combined:

There are separate relative size/date columns if you want the graphs to be separate.


Thanks, Leo)