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VS Dark Theme


Here is dark theme I knocked up, based loosely on Visual Studio's Dark theme which uses dark grey and blue shades instead of black which I find more eye friendly.

Edit: 2017-07-13 Included the fix for the column headers and toolbars.

VS Dark.dlt (132.6 KB)


Thank you! It's very nice on the eyes.


That will be fixed in 12.3.3. (Requires re-saving the theme once the new version is installed.)


Thank you; just what the doctor ordered.



Nice theme thanks for sharing.

For others if the selected items don't look how you like you might also like to check this setting.

Can Folder Tree highlight the displayed folder

Thanks. Have fixed and uploaded a new version.


Just chiming in that this Theme is beautiful. Thank you!


So, I am enjoying this theme but I realise that the image preview pane for images are still in blinding white. Is this not something that can be skinned @Stumpii ?


When no image is loaded: Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Viewer pane background (or a background image set in the Images page if you want something more complex than a solid color).

When an image with transparency is loaded, or one which doesn't fill the pane, the background behind it is set via Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Pane / Picture background color.


I think @belfong is actually talking about the Info Tip background which is white. I don't think that can be changed.


Yeah, wish I'm at home and can show you a screen shot. Basically the fourth pane to the right of the "Destination" window. This is the one where it will preview a doc or photo when the file is clicked, not the window that was launched when a photo is double clicked.


That is the viewer pane, and you can change it as I described above.

I'm not sure where the idea you were talking about Info Tips came from.


I can't seemed to reproduce it anymore.. which I guess is a good thing.. hmm.. thanks for being so responsive @Leo


There seemed to be some inconsistencies. I am not sure if it was due to skinning or if it was a bug but the pane will turn white in certain instances (which I can't reproduce but I have captured the screenshot) and always in Recycle Bin and Network Drive.


You could try Preferences / Display / Options / Enable background images in virtual folders but it doesn't always work that well, especially with dark themes.

A few folders are delegated to the Windows shell (Explorer, essentially). Folders where Opus cannot really add any value as the only thing you can do in them is double-click something to go somewhere else. The Windows shell does not provide many options to change the way it looks, so those folders will look like the rest of your system, not like Opus if you have Opus configured to look non-standard.


Dumb question: if I want to revert to default white "theme", how do I do that? I go to Settings-Lister Theme and only see this one theme I have installed. There is no default to switch to. Will be useful to have one to switch to, actually.


You can reset things to the defaults as per here:


Thanks for the tip - but from usability point of view, it would be easier to have a default Theme in the Setting-Lister Themes dialog box.


I agree. Adding a default theme, or a reset from the theme dialog would improve usability.


I have downloaded Simple Light V2 theme just so I could switch to white; but it's still not default. Better than nothing, I guess.