VS Dark Theme

We're planning an overhaul of the themes system which will include automatic backups of your previous settings. (Probably not in the very near future, as it's behind a lot of other higher priority work, but it's something we've been working on in the background for a while.)


Good to know, thanks.

I really like how the text is so clear with a dark theme. Great stuff.

Can you please make the dropdown (to open a folder, in the left panel) a lighter colour, as its very hard to see the icon.


Thanks a lot for this. Not sure how to make those connecting lines between folders work but it looks beautiful. Happy new year, friends!


To enable connecting lines in folder tree:

Go to 'Settings > Preferences > Folder Tree > Appearance'. Check 'Highlight path to selected folder' and any sub items as you see fit.

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You can change the color of the drop down icon with the 'Settings > Prefs > Display > Colors and Fonts > Other Colors' options 'File display border - dest' and 'File display border - source' text colors. However, looks like the default white is actually applied with a mask to the background color, so white is just a lighter variant of the background (so it appears light green/orange). What you can do is change the background color to be something darker to increase the contrast, or make the text color darker (black?) to increase the contrast.

Hi, I love this theme. Is there a way for me to make the very top bar of Directory Opus a lighter shade than white? I understand this may be an OS problem, but I see your screenshot above your titlebar (for the main opus app) is Orange. Mine is white and can't find how to set it. THanks!

That's a Windows setting. For Win10: Settings > Personalization > Colors

In Opus 13, it'll also use the Windows dark titlebar colors (usually black or dark grey for the inactive window) automatically if set to dark mode.