Watched then copy path?

Hi, I know this may be something Directory Opus does not do. However, I ask here because I have been surprised so many times. I guess what I need is kinda a watch folder. I need a way where the last file created will have a string of its path put in the clipboard. That is for a particular folder. So for example if I copy a file to any place within that directory, the last file created path will go to the clipboard. If no option for Opus and anybody knows of something, I would like to hear about it. Thanks

Not sure if this will help, but here (attached) is a VBScript that I found via Google some time back and have been using it for a while. I just added a (crude) run command to copy the path of the created file to the clipboard.
Should get you started and you can modify it to meet your needs.
Will work from drag and drop and/or create new file. Note that my defaults are for drive E: and folder \teststuff\ and polling every 2 seconds. Change those entries to match the folder you want to monitor, etc.
Or enter the values you want via command line arguments. The comments should explain.
Try it from the command line (cscript folderchanged2.vbs drive: \folderpath\ 2) to see if it does what you want, then you could modify it to suit your needs and call it from a button. Note that there is also a modified event but it tends to get false events when creating files.

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Wow this is super helpful. I like the option to accomplish this via VB. I know a little VB and want to take a full training course soon. This will be great to try to understand this real-world use. I managed to get this done via this program that I already have called Quick Macros. This post then got some help with the code it works really well. But I would like to test with your method which I feel is a better way to do and understand it because it connects to widely used language like VB. Thank you so much!

Please learn jscript instead of vbs, since the latter is a dead track. Jscript is very close to javascript and ecmascript, which is used very heavily in modern web technology, so your benefit of learning that is much higher than anything related to vbs. You can do the same with jscript in windows/dopus scripting as with vbs - in a way that is more elegant and lean. You also find more examples on algorhythms and tutorials on jscript/javascript than for vbs nowadays.

Regarding your filesystem monitoring needs, I did FOPTracker some months ago and still use it every day. It's a powershell script, supporting different plugins to process the various filesystem events differently. There is a Dopus plugin as well and so you can tie filesystem events very easily to anything dopus related. Find it here: Enhancement for Empty Tabs

Hi, I did not see your post about this until now. I do write JavaScript or jscript for this context already. Thank you for what is explained and the great script. I tend to find things you suggest very helpful. Thanks