Weird duplicating thing when copying from Library, I think?

My problem may be similar to the one here.

or not.

Never seen it before, and updating from an earlier version (sorry don't know which) to 12.11/64 didn't fix it.
I am using W7/64

What is happening is that sometimes when I RMB on my 'move as' button, to move and rename something from a Library path, I end up in a situation that will cause Opus to lock up. I really couldn't imagine what was happening, but when searching for possibly related threads before posting, I saw the temporary duplicated file thing, and realised maybe this was what it was, maybe :slight_smile:

I dragged the two windows apart in the pic, but they are on top of each other when this happens.

It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it is ABORT or be forced to kill the Opus task.

Now that I have some idea what may be happening, I will continue to do the job I am on, but use the real path instead of the Library alias, or whatever MS deem the term to be. It happened so frequently when using the Library path (lib://Pictures) that if it does NOT happen when I use the real one (C:\Users\Biggus\Pictures), that will be pretty conclusive.

All was working well for maybe a dozen or so moves, then I wasn't watching, and it was lock up time :frowning: I end up with this window, and Task Manager is the only way out.


I don't think the two threads are related; the steps and results are very different.

Does your Move As button just run Copy MOVE AS, or something else?

The screenshot makes me wonder if the button is being double-clicked by mistake? (That can start to happen as mouse buttons wear out, in my experience.)

When does the lock-up happen? After you click OK in one of the double dialogs?

When it freezes, is it just that progress dialog that isn't making any progress, or the whole program? Can you move the dialog around the screen, and open other Opus windows?

Please make a manually generated crash dump while the freeze is happening. That might allow us to see which code is involved.

Hmm, ok, if they aren't they aren't.

I was going to include the button too! doh. It is just 'Copy MOVE AS'

I won't rule out a double click, but I really really don't think it is.
When I intentionally double RMB, the result looks the same, ie two windows over the top of the x% Moving larger window, but this works, because I get the queued dialog up, whereas in the problem case, this doesn't happen.

The lock up happens immediately after I click OK.

Don't know about the moving thing. I'd rather say that than guess.

Will do the crash dump thing when it happens next. Getting late, so I will try some more tomorrow.

Thanks Leo :slight_smile:

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Dumps sent.

I got it to “lock up” by intentionally double RMB on the move as button. Thing is, I can’t consistently get it to happen, and the term ‘lock up’ isn’t really correct, because Opus does not lock up at all. You can move dialogs and in fact, you can use Opus normally, and the only reason you know something weird is happening is that you have a leftover dialog sitting there doing nothing, and updating nothing (as it tries to move the file that isn’t there any more). I guess it should throw an error, rather than do this. Anyway, I’ll leave it in your hands.

ta :slight_smile:

There's something not right about this at all. I think you are spot on (surprise factor of zero) that it is the mouse throwing a double RMB, but that aside, I just caught this happening, and so as to not be forced to stop Opus from the task manager, I aborted, and aborted again (the second move as task), yet the copy/move window still remained. Granted, I can continue using Opus, as it doesn't seem to affect anything, but that pesky window sitting there bugs me, so out with the task manager. I guess I should plug in another mouse. Still...