What happened here? (at 0.55, before everything was ok)

suddenly the names have the place as an addition
on the left the backup, on the right the current one.

no rename action was performed in this directory.

one file has also changed?
seems to be defective now (see 0.50, is smaller)
it only concerns this directory (do13)
everything has remained the same in do12 and the others

You’re asking us to guess why some files on your computer have certain names? With no further information?

We aren’t psychics. And is Opus even involved here? Presumably File Explorer displays the same names.

d: current processing directory
J: backup
since the installation of 0.55 there has been a change here at D:!
(cause unknown)

yes, dopus is the culprit in this case
after further investigation it was determined
that the defective file (0.50) is actually a different file.
this runs through the entire directory
of the 23 files (all with suffix), several now have the wrong name


is in reality (note date)

To keep this up to date, either

this sync is used

I assume that the sync is responsible for this.
that would also explain the multiple comparison in my current topic
explain (automatic changes to the files)