What's the latest way to get support for HEIC format?

What is the most current way to get HEIC support?

I see an old post with a beta plugin for HEIC support but I can't find a more recent one out of Beta.

[New Apple photo file extension HEIC](http://This post) is what I'm referrring to.

I would prefer not being on a beta version if possible.

I have the latest windows 10 version for this.

The non-beta version of that plugin comes with Opus these days.

On Windows 10, you may also need to install HEIF Image Extensions from the Microsoft Store if you haven't already. It should then work automatically.

That's not working. I have the HEIF Image Extensions installed on the latest version of windows 10 and I'm running opus 12.12.

I get this even after restarting the viewer and my pc:

other suggestions?

Can you view the same file using the Windows Photos app?

Yes. It displays fine in the windows photo app.

Have you installed the CopyTrans decoder as well as the Microsoft one? That might complicate things.

Here's a zipped image which definitely works here:

compare_still_1.zip (37.5 KB)

If that doesn't work for you, something is breaking the Microsoft WIC/HEIF components on your system somehow, possibly only when used in some processes and not others. Maybe antivirus?

Uninstalling the HEIF component (and any others e.g. CopyTrans) and then reinstalling it from the Microsoft Store might be worth a try.

Are you using 64-bit Windows and Opus? (That's what I have re-tested with today.)

No I don't have CopyTrans Decoder.

It wouldn't let me unistall but it had an option to reset it. I did that and now i can't view any images even in Photo Editor. It keeps redirecting me to download HEVC Video extensions for $0.99. Do i need this?

I'm using X64 versions of opus and windows 10.

I think the Microsoft HEIF/HEIC decoder does depend on the HEVC component, yes.

With the HEVC component, there is a free version, which may save the $0.99, but only some accounts/machines qualify for it (I'm unsure of the exact details, but have been able to use it on all of my own machines, at least once logged into the store):

If things were working in the Windows Photos app before then you probably already own one of the HEVC components on your Microsoft Store account.

That did the trick! Thank you Leo! Working great!