Where and name of OPUS 11 configuration file

I had to replace a computer running Win8.1 with OPUS 11. It was an identical replacement, and I thought I would be able to just restore my image file backup, but windows made me reinstal,l and start over in order to activate my license. I have also reinstalled, updated, and activated OPUS 11, but unfortunately I do not have a Opus backup file to restore my configuration. Is it possible to simply go into my Acronis backup image and retrieve file(s) that I can replace in my new install in order to restore my OPUS 11 configuration. Thanks

Yes I know how to do that but the problem is I backed up the entire drive to a image file thinking I would be able to simply restore it to the new computer. But Windows would not let me do that so I had to start over with a new install of windows and a new install of OPUS. I have the image file and if there are configuration files I can retrieve them and put them into the new install.

The linked guide explains where to look to find the config files inside your image backup.