Which Directory Opus version should I use


Which version of Directory Opus is best be used the following scenario?

My desktop PC went down last week and because it was getting a bit old, we got all new components and my nephew (Phil) built me a new one. The hard drive seemed to be fine so Phil placed it in the Drive D position (so it's still accessible) and placed a new 2TB in Drive C.

Details for the existing version can be seen here:


I noticed on your download page that the current downloadable version is 12.24. Should I download/install that or can I continue using the current version?

If the latter, what is the best way to transfer folders/files from where they currently reside on Drive D to Drive C? Can I just copy/paste from their existing location?

D:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus


If you have a licence for Opus 12 then there's no reason not to install the latest version.

Don't copy the program folder from the old machine/HDD; it won't do anything useful and could mess up the file permissions. Just use the installer on the new one.

If you want to copy your configuration from the old machine/HDD to the new one, the way to locate it is explained here: How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple)

Thanks for the reply Leo.

I do have a license but cannot seem to locate it. Can it be obtained from somewhere in the program folder? I can also look in past emails if you can tell me the sender email address or other best search term.

I'm sorry for the hassle.


Disregard that. I think I just found it if it is a 20 character code.

You can have it re-sent via here:

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