Why Opus hangs?

Hello. When i use this command, Opus hangs one time out of three or so... no window with entering a path appears...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\robocopy.exe" "C:\Struct" "{Rs|Please enter the path.\nThen click OK.|Y:\Models\}" /E /ZB /MON:50 /MOT:60 /MIR

Including the brackets, or were you trying to do a code block?

Use ``` (three backticks) on lines at the start and end for code blocks. (Formatting tips specific to the Opus forum)

Does the UAC prompt appear OK / at all when running the button?

no any uac prompt... disabled

Does clicking the Admin button on the default toolbar work?

If not, something to do with UAC is probably broken on your system, or antivirus is breaking things (possibly only within dopus.exe).

No, Admin button is disabled... i have no any antivirus software, what could be the problem with uac?

Is UAC enabled?

Or does it say ADMINISTRATOR in the titlebar?

It was disabled and now active... i get this picture

No reason to use @admin in a button if UAC is disabled system-wide, although it should also be harmless. Leave it in if it's needed and UAC is enabled now, though.

From the new screenshot, it looks like you're running the whole process elevated, which is a bad idea, outside of special, temporary situations:

If you fix that, do you still see the problem?

in the beginnig of topic UAC was off completely.

If UAC is on now, then Opus should not be elevated.

If UAC is off again, then the @admin code doesn't make much sense. But it's possible it is/was involved in what's happening.

I would like to rule out those two things. Whatever is causing the freeze may be a bug, but we have to work out which detail is triggering it to be able to fix it, if so.

Another thing I just noticed is that @admin is on the same line as the command. The command should be on a separate line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\robocopy.exe" "C:\Struct" "{Rs|Please enter the path.\nThen click OK.|Y:\Models\}" /E /ZB /MON:50 /MOT:60 /MIR

If you want to send us a manually generated crash dump made while the freeze is happening, we may be able to look at that and locate the cause.

That's one (sent to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au)
Dopus crashes when UAC off and @admin added.

it hangs without @admin also

Many thanks for the crash dumps!

They allowed us to find the problem, and we'll have a fix in the next version.

Glad to help

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