Win11 + Stardock Start11 + Taskbar Top -> Floating toolbar postioning issue

when using the above combination DOpus hooks a floating horizontal toolbar not to the bottom edge of the screen (as intended by me), but maintains a distance equivalent to the (not present) taskbar.

DOpuns has no problems to recognice the usable screenarea when maximizing windows. The desing does not seem to have any effect.

The position of the bar is correct, when the automatical fading/hiding is active.

Regards, Lars

It’s Windows that positions docked toolbars.

I’m guessing that your machine has multiple monitors at different DPIs (or the system DPI has changed since the last login). If so, Windows has longstanding bugs where it can’t position docked toolbars correctly because it gets confused about where the taskbar is when working out where to place them.

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this is also a problem on a single display notebook. And the weird part is, that the toolbar snaps to the right screen postion when autohide is enabled.

Regards, Lars

Make sure none of the Compatibility settings in Windows are turned on for dopus.exe, as the DPI settings there can cause similar problems even with just one screen. None of those settings should be turned on for Opus 12.

No, non of that is the case. This seems strictly related to Start11 moving the taskbar to the top of the screen and there by confusing the mechanism for floating DOpus toobars without autohide on (!) attachted to the bottom of the of the screen.

Regrads, Lars

The mechanism is part of Windows. Opus just asks Windows to dock the toolbar and tells it which side of the screen to use, and the rest is done by Windows.

AFAIK Windows 11 doesn't support moving the taskbar, so maybe when third party tools force it to move they put it into an unexpected state which it doesn't handle properly.