Win8.1 x64: DblClk Desktop>Default Lister always background

Yesterday I installed Windows 8.1 64 bit and Directory Opus x64. I imported my settings from my previous 32 bit installation and everything is good, except for one thing: double clicking the desktop opens the default lister in the background. This is really annoying. Is there a setting somewhere that I've missed so that the listers open in the foreground?

We had a report the the "Drag and Go" feature of a program called Winsplit Revolution could cause that problem. (here).

That's the only possible cause I am aware of, but similar tools that modify the desktop's behavior are worth considering as well.

It was Object Dock 2. I quit everything else to make sure, and repeatedly started and stopped it to confirm. Looks like I won't be using that, then. :slight_smile: