Windows 10 Fall Update - DO 12 not responding

Just installed the Windows 10 Creator Fall Update (Win Pro 64) and DO 12 (latest build and lastb Beta) becomes non responsive after opeing - when try to change directory.

If you link your account and send us a manually generated dump of dopus.exe during the freeze, we may be able to tell you what's causing the freeze.

It's also worth checking if the problem happens with all folders or only particular ones.

There were other issues as well (broken home group and permissions etc), so I decided to use Acronis True Image to restore the system to its state before updating to Creator Fall

We haven't had any similar reports of issues with the Win10 Fall Update, so the problems with Opus and other software on your machine may be tied to something other than the Windows update, or something extra in addition to the Windows update.

I've noticed Windows 10 updates sometimes replace hardware drivers with old/bad versions, which can cause unexpected problems on some machines. It could also be an incompatibility with some software which in turn causes problems with other software (e.g. because it hooks other software, or installs a shell extension which goes wrong).

For what is is worth, I had a problem with the drivers for my Nvidia video card when I updated to the Fall Update. They were not directly with Opus, but they caused all sorts of strange behaviour. Updating to the latest drivers cured all the problems.

It's not the first time I have had these problems updating Windows 10. I would start by updating your video drivers.