Windows 11 and DOpus

I've installed DOpus over a new install of windows 11 on a Dell XPS 15 9500 and it seems to hang, freeze at random moments. Is there an updated version due please?

There are no other similar reports of hangs on Windows 11 so it's probably something else installed on the machine. (Make sure you have installed all the hardware drivers as well, as the placeholder drivers that ship with Windows are often not very stable these days.)

These may be relevant to tracking down the problem:

If there is high CPU usage while the problem happens:

We can also analyse process dumps for you if you send them to us:

I have been using DOPUS since the time of Amiga 500/600/1200, via a number of PC's and I have never had major stability issues with Dopus, until now, on my new Dell Latitude 5320 laptop, using Windows 11. Now, I have major stability issues with DOPUS 12 with program windows that does not draw correctly, or suddenly disappears, partly, or completely. Sometimes a DOPUS restart helps, sometimes not. I have updated to the latest hardware graphic adapter drivers, and tried to re-install DOPUS, but the problems persist.


If it ran since Amiga for you and you now have problems on a new machine, I would say, it's the new machine! I bet you use preinstalled OS from Dell... throw it away and do a clean, fresh install! It will fix lot of problems and remove bloatware!