Windows 11, DO 12.27.1: no video informations

I'd like to display some video informations in columns, like video codec, audio codec, audio sampling rate, this kind of things.
I can't get it to work either for mp4 or mkv files. The only things I can see is the audio sampling rate and framerate, only for mp4 files (and i don't know why but it's also working for a mkv :thinking:).

Is there anything I have to do to make this work ?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

We'll be adding much more comprehensive built-in MP4 and MKV metadata in the future, but at the moment an easy way to get more information for video files is via script add-ins:

(Both handle various formats, including video.)

Edit: These may also be useful:

Thanks ! CuMediaExtenders is doing the trick for the time being :+1: