Windows 11 File Explorer Inspired Icon Set - WIP


I have started working on an icon set inspired by the Windows 11 File Explorer icon design. My plan is to create icons for all the standard icons found in Directory Opus.

It's very much a work in progress, but I've set up everything so that I easily can change the accent color to anything I want and also quickly make the whole icon set switch between light and dark themed icons.

So far it's 258 icons and below you will find the icon set with three different accent colors (all with both light and dark theme versions):

Himmelsblå = Light blue

Himmelsbla Icon Set For Dark Theme v0.5.dis (350.0 KB)

Himmelsbla Icon Set for Light Theme v0.5.dis (359.1 KB)

Trollskog = Dark green
Trollskog Icon Set For Dark Theme.dis (361.0 KB)

Trollskog Icon Set For Light Theme v0.5.dis (360.8 KB)

Apelsin = Orange
Apelsin Icon Set For Dark Theme.dis (360.3 KB)

Apelsin Icon Set For LightTheme.dis (362.9 KB)

Feel free to download them and test them out.



Here's an image with all included icons so far, by the way