Windows 11 Issue with OneDrive icons in context menu

I have a small issue with DOPUS12
I just install W11 and latest version of DOPUS12 (12.25) and OneDrive share icon was disappeared form context menu.

I've read some posts on this forum and unfortunately I cannot solve this problem by my own, so I must ask for help.
Here is what I've done:

  1. DOPUS not running as Admin
  2. Prefrences -> Misc -> Windows Integration -> uncheck "Hide windows options..."
  3. reinstall OneDrive
  4. Prefrences -> Misc -> Advanced -> Ignore_context_menus is empty

Is there something i can do? or must wait for any W11 integration?
Thank you for any tip or help.
Best wishes

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Most likely Microsoft re-wrote OneDrive yet again in Windows 11, broke compatibility with other things, and nobody reported it to them during the beta (or they ignored the reports), so it wasn't fixed before release.

We'll add it to our list to look at and see if we can find a workaround. I'd advise against jumping on Windows 11 this early unless you have a compelling reason to.

Edit: Thinking about it, they've probably dropped the old OneDrive context menu entirely and replaced it with the one that works with File Explorer's new context menu type. (The one that hides most items and takes several seconds to display a menu despite the menu being simplified. It's a trainwreck, this OS update.) We may need to add support for that style of menu item (if it's possible outside of File Explorer; they've done things in the past that wouldn't work in other processes) or a way to simply display the shell context menu itself, but it may also depend on how/whether other developers adopt it, and whether Microsoft backtrack on it (as the new menu implementation is being widely criticised, aside from the visual design which people seem to like)


Thanks for the information Leo, same issue here. we'll wait and subscribed to the topic.

Looking forward to an update for this.

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In my case, I have lost all OneDrive context menu items.

I used to have them all and although I am 99.99999% sure that the issue only occurred after upgrading to 12.25, if I completely uninstall it and then re-install the previous version, the issue is still there!

After upgrading to Windows 11, I used "Free up space" frequently; now it is no longer there in the DOpus context menu and I have to use File Explorer instead.

It's the same for everybody, Look at Leo reply above. I installed the Beta of W11 around July i think, and the onedrive no more in context menu was there since the beginning when i started it.