Windows 11 properties windows disappear

If I go to 'This PC', right-click in a blank space in Opus and select 'Properties' from the context menu as depicted in the image directly below...

...the System >About window pops up as depicted in the image below:

The problem I encounter is that the System >About window closes/disappears as soon as I click anywhere so you cannot use any of the links or buttons in the System >About window.

I get the same results if I go to 'Desktop', right-click and select 'Properties' and click on the Personalization window that pops up.

Is anyone else encountering the same thing?

I wasn't able to reproduce that.

  • What happens if you do the same thing from File Explorer?

  • Check that the Opus window is not on-top.

Does not do this with File Explorer and Opus window on-top is "No".

I finally had some time to do a fresh install of Windows 11 and DOpus. I get the same exact results with a freshly installed OS and no other apps but DOpus. I did not edit any settings in DOpus. During the install, I selected the option to replace win file explorer.

So this does appear to be a bug.

We have no other reports of this issue and can't reproduce it on a vanilla Windows 11 + Opus machine of our own.

We also aren't really involved in what happens when Windows Settings windows are clicked on after they've opened, so if there is a bug it'd likely one in Windows rather than Opus.

Looking at your screenshots, is Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Native display of 'Computer' turned off? Try turning it on if so. (That was how I tested things, and should be the default setting. The header control in your This PC folder looks different to the one in your File Collections folder, which makes me wonder if the setting has been changed. I didn't notice that detail earlier.)

Can reproduce this here, too: DO 12.28, Windows 10!

I guess the prerequisite is to open one lister in folder "This PC"

use right click and from the appearing context menu, the entry "Properties".
In this case to Windows system information pops up.

BUT, using Windows Explorer at the same place, I get the following popup, too.
Still slightly different, though.

So I guess no worries about this behavior...

This are my settings, btw.

Doesn’t seem like the same issue?