Windows Search

I've just re-installed Windows Vista and Opus I'm sure when I used to right click on a folder in the tree and select search, it used to bring up an opus search dialog - now I get Windows Explorer search. Is that right? Can I get the opus search back?

I think something may have changed in Vista SP1 with the Search menu item. (Explorer itself doesn't even show the item any more.) I haven't had a chance to look at it in any detail, though.

You can create your own buttons or menu items for searching. I'm guessing that you haven't noticed Opus's Find Panel and have been using the separate Find Window. If I'm right, try using Tools -> Find Panel and see if you prefer that.

If you don't like the Find Panel and want to use the Find Window via the context menu for folders then put this command in the menu:

@firstfileonly @dirsonly Find IN {filepath$}

That will do what the Search item used to do.

Thanks for that. I know about the find panel but it doesn't really fit so well with the way I want to use search. I'll try setting up a menu item.
By the way I was running on Vista SP1 before and the search was OK. The difference must be that I installed opus on SP1, rather than the other way round.

I have the same problem, but when I use Ctrl-F the classic DO search dialog comes up - I can live with that :wink: