Windows Terminal - Launch From Address Bar


I was hoping you could add the capability to launch Windows Terminal from the address bar in Dopus Lister?

In Windows explorer you can use either of the following in the address bar:
wt -d <path>

It if then launched a new tab in the most recently used Windows Terminal instance, using the default profile; that would be ideal.

The current Windows Explorer implementation is pictured in this article:

Could support for that be added to Dopus?



Do you mean when right-clicking one of the folders/components in the address bar?

That displays the folder's context menu, so you could add the same command to that.

Hi Leo,

Nope, not the context menu, I mean actually typed into the address bar. Same as you'd do (and get) if you type it into Win+R prompt.

I'm not sure exactly what Explorer is doing, but presumably just proxies/pipes the command through to the shell that interprets the 'wt' alias, and goes and launches its exe.

Instead of using the path field, activate the main file display and type a > character to open the command field. You can type commands to run them from there.